The Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy

Nearly everything you ever wanted to know about Bible prophecy
Three Volumes—Over 7,200 Scripture Verses


By Ted Kresge
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What lies ahead...If Bible prophecy sparks even a little interest in an individual, then The Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy: The Latter Days is a must.   It is designed for both the curious-minded person that wants to know what is happening in the world today, why it's happening, and what the future holds according to the Word of God, as well as the biblical scholar.

Here are a few of the many topics covered:

blue.gif (138 bytes) Past Prophetic Events Leading to Today
blue.gif (138 bytes) The Latter Days
blue.gif (138 bytes) Rapture
blue.gif (138 bytes) Antichrist
blue.gif (138 bytes) Tribulation
blue.gif (138 bytes) 666
blue.gif (138 bytes) Armageddon
blue.gif (138 bytes) Millennium
blue.gif (138 bytes) Final Rebellion
blue.gif (138 bytes) New Heaven
blue.gif (138 bytes) New Earth
blue.gif (138 bytes) New Jerusalem
blue.gif (138 bytes) Eternity
blue.gif (138 bytes)

       The Revelation
blue.gif (138 bytes) Photo Tour of Israel
blue.gif (138 bytes) Over 7,200 Scripture Verses

The Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy: The Latter Days is one of the most comprehensive and detailed books on this subject ever published.  Nearly every scripture dealing with Bible prophecy—starting with the rebirth of Israel and continuing through eternity—has been placed in a chronological order with commentary.

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