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Additional Information on
The Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy


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General Information About The Book
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Number of volumes:
8 " by 11"
20 lb. acid-free paper
Total number of pages:
Heavy laminated, glossy paper
Total number of words:
Over 1 million
Shipped in a heavy, white cardboard box with red and black cover

Over 150 photographs of Israel from Eilat, to Jerusalem, to Mount Hermon
God’s Word is the focus with over 7,200 verses written out
User friendly:

Format is such that a person with little knowledge of Bible prophecy should easily grasp it.  Those that are well versed in prophecy should also find it informative.
Easy to understand:

Near the front of volume one is an easy to understand commentary, outlining the entire scope of the latter days in Bible prophecy.
Text includes:

Many key Bible events starting from Adam and Eve and leading up to the latter days that we are now in and beyond, including the Rapture, the Antichrist, the Tribulation, the Battle of Armageddon, the Millennium, the New Heaven, the New Earth, New Jerusalem, and eternity.

Special features:

    Information dealing with a variety of subjects such as:
         l  A 160 page commentary on the Revelation, 
         l  A  30 page commentary on Daniel, and others;
         l  A list of every known verse in the Bible
              relating to latter day and future prophecy and 
              its location in the book;
         l   An alphabetized, 300+ page list of Bible prophecy subjects and
              their location in the book;
   l   Both an abbreviated and extensive table of contents.

Other Topics Covered
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l  Names Used For the Antichrist
l  Bible Statistics (many of them unique)
l  Hell and the Lake of Fire: Are There Degrees of Punishment?
l  Measurements
l  Past Temples
l  Salvation
l  Satan and His Fruits
l  Sin
l  Spiritual Warfare
l  Why Parables?
l  The Three Questions
l  The Last Days, the Last Time, the Last Times: What Do These Mean? 
      What Time Period Do They Cover?
l  List of Latter Day, Latter Year, Latter Time, Latter Times Verses: What
     These Mean & Time Period They Cover
l  What We Can and Cannot Know Regarding the Day, Hour, Season, Year,
     Times, or Generation
l  Commands to Learn, Know, and Understand
l  Who Will Not Know or Understand?
l  Commands to Watch
l  The Seven Feasts of Leviticus 23: Is It God's Timetable?
l  Passover and the Marriage Custom in the Days of Jesus
l  The Marriage Supper
l  The Parable of the Fig Tree
l  Is Israel the Fig Tree?
l  What Does the Bible Mean Regarding a Generation?
l  Some Ways the Bible Gives Us to Know the Generation or Times We
      Are In
l  Some Might Say, "This or That Date"
l  The Apostles
l  The Judgments
l  The Tribulation: What Is It?
l  The Tribulation’s Length
l  The Lord Shortened Those Days; He Will Cut It Short; A Short Work
      Will the Lord Make (What Does This Mean?)
l  The Tribulation: Why It’s Coming According to the Bible
l  The Tribulation: Biblical Names Used For the Tribulation
l  The Tribulation: A Time of God's Wrath
l  The Seven Seals, the Seven Trumpets, the Seven Vials
l  The Great Harlot
l  The Jewish Calendar

The Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy
( Indepth Outline )
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     The main text contains Bible events and prophecies that lay the foundation for understanding what is taking place now in our current times as well as in the future: starting from "In the beginning was the Word" to Adam and the fall of man; God’s plan of redemption; the times of Noah and the flood; Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac; Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt; the seven feasts in Lev 23; the first Temple; entering the Promised Land; the division of Israel and Judah and their destruction as nations; Nebuchadnezzar’s dream; the prophecies of Isaiah, Daniel, and others of the coming of Messiah; the birth, life, trial, crucifixion, burial, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ to sit on the right hand of God the Father and the many prophecies on the second coming of Jesus; the birth of the church age; the destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple, and Israel being scattered.  It also includes a history of the temples and the seven churches in the Revelation.

     The prophecies of Israel’s rebirth and how it happened are presented.

     Over 300 prophecies are broken down into categories, such as Israel’s rebirth; prophecies concerning Jerusalem; the church; a false religion; religious deception; what people would be like; Russia; the U.S.A.; Ethiopia; Egypt; Libya; China; other nations and cities; gold and silver; worship and currency in Israel; inventions; the E.E.C.; world conditions and others.  The fulfillment of these prophecies indicate that the Tribulation is near.

     In-depth studies of the Rapture, the new bodies, rewards, the marriage and marriage supper are also included.

     The Antichrist and his emergence are covered in detail.  The covenant and subsequent Tribulation are presented in chronological order.  Every known Bible reference is used.  Other topics include the Russian invasion of Israel; famines; earthquakes; diseases; the perishing of 1/4th of the world’s population; the 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel; false prophets and false Christs; the great harlot; religious deception; the world’s intense hatred and persecution of Israel and those that come to Christ during the Tribulation.  The Tribulation continually worsens as birth pangs of a woman.  Crime, signs from heaven, the rebuilding of the temple, and the sacrifices are covered.  The Antichrist, his deadly wound and healing; the worship of Satan and the Antichrist; the Antichrist’s declaration that he is God; his moving into the temple; and what he does are discussed; as are the sacrifices being stopped; the number 666; the image and worship of the image; the false prophet; and the supernatural signs and wonders that are taking place.  Also included are the abomination of desolation; Satan’s trinity; the Great Tribulation; the fleeing of the Jews that follow the Messiah and how Satan tries to stop them.   The mark and not being able to buy or sell; the beheading of the saints; the two prophets and what they do; and 1/3rd of the world’s population being killed are described. God’s wrath being poured out, the three woes, and so much more is revealed.

     The end of the Tribulation, events immediately after the Tribulation, the sign of the Son of Man, and the hundreds of verses that portray the utter horror and devastation of the Battle of Armageddon are also presented.   An accurate, yet frightening, picture emerges by combining all the verses together chronologically of the earth being reaped and the winepress being trodden down.  The slain are found from one end of the earth to the other.  The glorious return of Jesus Christ; the judgment of the nations; Satan being bound for one thousand years; and the gathering together of the elect are shown.

     The question, "Is God unrighteous Who taketh vengeance?" is answered.  The various judgments are outlined in detail in their proper order.

     The Millennium is presented chronologically, using hundreds of Bible verses.  The reign of Jesus Christ, what the twelve apostles, David and the saints will be doing are all covered.  As it is written,"The Law shall go forth from Jerusalem" and what some of those laws will be are explained.  There is the Tabernacle of David, the holy mountain, the worship of Jesus, and the fountain coming forth from the house of the Lord.  Israel and Jerusalem during the Millennium; the world’s population explosion; how people will live to be very old; how the earth will be much different, the changes in landscape and many trees and plants are described.  The light of the moon and the sun, and the deliverance of the creation from the bondage of corruption are covered. God’s various covenants are listed, including His covenant with the animals and their changes.  The lame shall walk, the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the waste cities shall be rebuilt.  The fate of many nations is also mentioned.

     The events that follow the Millennium: Satan being loosed; the deception of the nations; the final rebellion; fire comes down from God out of heaven; the devil cast into the lake of fire; the heavens and earth pass away; the new heaven and earth come forth; hell delivers up the dead; the great white throne judgment; New Jerusalem and eternity are all presented.  A detailed study of hell and the lake of fire is given.

     We are unaware of any other book that so carefully explains and sets in order the events leading up to the Tribulation; the Tribulation; Armageddon; the Millennium; etc., with such attention to detail, using nearly every pertinent Bible verse.

     Every verse in the Revelation is covered.  Every verse in Daniel that relates to our current times and the future is explained.  Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 are also expounded and further arranged in a chart on the harmony of these Scriptures.  Commentaries are provided.

     There is a list of nearly every verse from Genesis to the Revelation relating to or dealing with the latter days, including the approximate time period of each verse.  This list posted in one’s Bible should help transform it into a prophecy Bible, a valuable aid in future studies.

Also contained in the book:
     A list of the approximate number of verses in each of the sixty-six books of the Bible dealing with the latter days;
     A list of nearly every Bible verse used in this book and its location;
     A topical index: an alphabetized concordance of Bible prophecy subjects, statistics, events, places, people, and their location in this book.  The index contains approximately 300 pages.
     An in-depth table of contents.

Author's Preface
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     Going from one Christian bookstore to another, one might be overwhelmed by the number of Bible prophecy books that are for sale.   Almost weekly, it seems, more and more are produced, and many of them are very informative.  More can probably be found at the local library.  No book that we have seen, however, seems to cover the entire scope of Bible prophecy.

     This book is an attempt to take nearly every Scripture in the entire Bible that deals with Bible prophecy—leading up to the times we are now in, through the end of the Millennium and beyond—and put them in a chronological order.  Most verses that may have a bearing on Bible prophecy are also included.

     Listings of nearly every Bible prophecy verse used in this book and its proper time period are provided, so you can post them in your Bible.

     The Revelation is covered in detail, verse by verse.

     The aim of this book is to present nearly everything the Bible has to say regarding the times we are now in, both directly and indirectly, and to present it in such a way that anyone, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, should be able to understand.

     Jesus will return one day soon.   If it was today, are you ready?

     Satan's devices and temptations that came against my wife and I during the writing of this book were, at times, almost overwhelming.  Nevertheless, by God's mercy and grace, this book has been completed.

Glory to God in the highest.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all things.
My grateful appreciation to my wife, Kim, and the many people that have helped me so much.
The outcome of this book is committed to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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     Ted Kresge was born, in 1940, in upstate New York.  From the day he repented and received Jesus Christ by faith as his only hope of salvation, he has intently studied Bible prophecy.  The Lord has graciously enabled him to devote thousands of hours to the research of God’s Word and world events, which continues to this day.  By God’s mercy, he and his wife are also missionaries.  They have traveled to India and parts of Africa, where they have lived and conducted Bible schools.  He has ministered God’s Word in Asia, Africa, the Middle East (Israel), and North America; reaching out through radio, Bible schools, evangelistic crusades, and churches.

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     The initial research and subsequent writing of this publication began about 1979 and continued through 1998.   This book is an attempt to take every event and verse, which is relevant to Bible prophecy for today and the future, and place them in chronological order.  It endeavors to cover nearly everything one may desire to know on this subject, in such a way, that all should be able to learn as the Spirit of God opens their understanding.   The question arises, "How can any book, which covers such a complex subject as Bible prophecy, be written so that anyone can understand it?"  The answer lies in the unique, explanative manner the book is written and the order in which presented.

(438 pages)
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     In part one, basic information is given, which explains the need for covering the full extent of Bible prophecy, relating to the times we are now in, from the past, to the present and future.

     In part two, the entire scope of Bible prophecy is laid out in chronological, story form, so that everyone should be able to understand.

     In part three, certain difficult subjects relating to Bible prophecy are explained in detail, using God’s Word to further help the reader.

(Vol. 2: 404 pages)
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     By the time one begins part four, they should have a good basic knowledge of Bible prophecy from reading parts one through three.  Part four is the main text, which is written chronologically.   This portion of the book takes a person from the creation to eternity, using nearly every known scripture as it relates to the times we are now in and the future.  As one reads the thousands of scriptures, explanations are given to help them understand more fully.  Every aspect of Bible prophecy, relating to the times we are now in—spanning from Ishmael and Isaac to the rebirth of Israel, then on to the signs of the times, the Rapture, the Antichrist, the Tribulation, the Battle of Armageddon and return of Jesus Christ, the Millennium, the final rebellion, the heaven and earth passing away, the new heaven and earth, the New Jerusalem, and eternity should all be presented.   The various judgments, rewards, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and their significance, salvation, heaven, hell, little known pearls in God’s Word, and spiritual warfare are also covered.  There are many special Bible studies regarding Jesus Christ, prophecy, and unusual statistics as well.  Part four begins in volume one and continues in volume two.

     In part five, the Revelation, Daniel, Mt 24, Mk 13, Lk 21, 2nd Thes 2, and more are covered in detail.   There is a chart showing the harmony of some of these combined verses.

     In part six, every known verse in the Bible, relating to latter day and future prophecy, is listed.

(447 pages)
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     In part seven, every verse used in the book should be listed with its location and additional information.

     In part eight, there is an alphabetized list of Bible prophecy subjects and their location, covering over 300 pages.

     Part nine is a detailed table of contents.

     Throughout the book, there are over 150 photographs of Israel.  God’s Word is the focus, with over 7200 Bible verses in three volumes.

Publisher's Information
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Published by "The Gospel Truth of Saint Petersburg, Inc."
A nonprofit corporation devoted to the Lord’s work.

Publisher’s Cataloging-in-Publication
(Provided by Quality Books, Inc.)

Kresge, Ted.
The encyclopedia of Bible prophecy : (the latter days) / by Ted
Kresge. -- 1st ed.
   p. cm.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   Preassigned LCCN: 97-92237
   ISBN: 0-9659102-0-2
   1. Bible--Prophecies--Chronology. 2. Second Advent. 3.
   Antichrist. 4. End of the world. 5. Millennialism. I. Title.
   BS647.2.K74 1998 220.15

Printed in the United States of America.
This edition is printed on acid-free paper.

Suggested retail price: $55.00

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